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Gallery One, Naples, FL

Greenwich House Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Dwellings on Madison, Cincinnati, OH

Syd Entel Galleries, Tampa, FL

Panache Fine Jewelry and Art, Portland, ME

ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH

"My two sons, now young men in their early twenties, grew up surrounded by art. They were typically more excited about abstract art than any other style. It became our habit to make up stories about these wild paintings. On my very best day I couldn't match their elaborate, random and fanciful tales. Their stories revealed bits of their soul to me - their attitudes, fears, desires... As I paint these large, ethereal paintings I keep finding myself hiding treasures and messages. And I often wonder what you will see.

Hopefully you will be drawn to their bright vibe. With intention you may conjure a tale of your own. But whatever your story, whenever it reveals itself to you, however many times it changes, I hope you find beauty and truth."