Below is a small sampling of previous abstract work. While these paintings are no longer available for sale, they are useful reference for Commissioned work. So find a painting or two that suits your fancy but doesn't exactly fit your needs. Then contact me and we can discuss what I can do to make it perfect for you - perhaps more red... or if everything works color-wise but you need it square instead of rectangular... You get the idea. Please know you are under no obligation to purchase it. Once complete, I will offer it to you exclusively for two weeks. If you decide it is not right for you,  I will post it for sale to my viewing public. No hard feelings! For more information regarding commissions, click here.

Keep in mind that I only accept Commissions that are consistent with the look and feel of my own work. Also, as each painting is completely original and hand-painted, it is virtually impossible to duplicate exactly. Naturally I can reproduce the concepts, colors and feel of my work, but the fewer constrictions the more energy is infused.