I had a sticky feeling thru childhood that I could paint. But it wasn't until my thirtieth year that my stars aligned and I unfolded my first easel. My first 'real' painting was a giant portrait of a mare and foal called "King to Be". It was published as an open edition print thru my family's art publishing company and went on to become, to everyone's surprise and delight, the company's all-time best-selling print. Over the past twenty years I have painted hundreds of paintings spanning vast genres and mediums using countless techniques. The past ten years I have focused primarily on my Abstract collection (oil on metal) and my Fine Art collection (oil on canvas). As vastly different as my two styles are, they  do give me balance. As free-spirited as the abstracts are, the representational work requires that I draw on my technical might and discipline. And a girl can only float or flex for so long, you know?   



ABSTRACT.  My two sons, now young men in their early twenties, grew up surrounded by art. They were typically more excited about abstract art than any other style. It became our habit to make up stories about these wild paintings. On my very best day I couldn't match their elaborate, random and fanciful tales. Their stories revealed bits of their soul to me - their attitudes, fears, desires... As I paint these large, ethereal paintings I keep finding myself hiding treasures and messages. And I often wonder what you will see.

Hopefully you will be drawn to their bright vibe. With intention you may conjure a tale of your own. But whatever your story, whenever it reveals itself to you, however many times it changes, I hope you find beauty and truth. And then live happily ever-after, of course.


The Splash Collection, which premiered in 2008, is all about the crystal - a

celebration of their spontaneous nature and the energies they wield.


Silver 'threads' have been etched through the wet oil paint and into the metal canvas.

The effect is subtle, brilliant and surprising when the light hits at just the right angle.




FLORAL.  I have always loved painting flowers. It was as close as I could get to divining my precious mother's gardening abilities. While I didn't get her talent for gardening she did instill in me a deep appreciation for petal shapes, subtle color shifts, quietude and patience.  

other collections

 Daybreak at Thistle Down Creek                            © 2015 Schuster Art, LLC

Daybreak at Thistle Down Creek                           © 2015 Schuster Art, LLC

 King to Be                       © 2015 Schuster Art, LLC

King to Be                    © 2015 Schuster Art, LLC


LANDSCAPES.  We've all seen a plethora of land and seascapes. But how often does one see a scene that instantly speaks to something familiar, inviting on a deep level - one that silently reminds you of that enchanting somewhere you have been or dream to go? That is my quest with every brushstroke, to take the familiar and ping it with a touch of magic so that it resonates extraordinarily with that special someone.










EQUESTRIAN.  Having grown up in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, a girl gets to know a bit about horses. My sisters rode Western and English, my brother was in the collegiate rodeo circuit, my uncle races and our home was an hour away from the world famous Churchill Downs. My first horse (also my last and only) was a Kentucky Arabian, the same breed incidentally as the horses in my "King to Be" painting.  Poor Sheba. She didn't get ridden much because at 10 years old I was fearful. However, she was well groomed and she got pretty good at posing.




My path to my palette has been a bit round-a-bout. I received my BA in Psychology from the University of Kentucky. The MBA I received in 1986 (Xavier University, Cincinnati OH) wasn't a total waste. Without it I would not have started my family's art publishing business with my brilliant father in 1987. And without that I would not have gotten completely immersed for fifteen years in the crazy and creative art world, chock full of crazy and creative artists. I have always felt like my artistry found me, as opposed to me seeking it.  

Basically self-taught, I have had bits of formal artistic training along the way. I studied perspective drawing at the Toledo Art Museum and figurative painting at the Cincinnati Art Academy. In the summer of 2005 I had the immense pleasure and benefit of studying classical realism (Caravaggio methodology) under Maestro John Angel at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In 2010, Through the summer of  2011, I studied plein air with the charming and gifted Victoria Brooks on the dreamy island of Santorini, Greece.

And my educational background would be remiss without thanking my spiritual teachers.  Through them I continue to learn ways to tap into the divine.  I am a second-degree reiki practitioner, an EFT (Tapping) Coach and long time transcendental meditator. 



When it comes to entering juried shows, I'm quite the slacker. I've entered the prestigious ACA show four times. Fortunately, and incredibly,  I won awards in all four. Thank you Litsa Spanos and ADC - Art Design Consultants for hosting this fabulous international event.

                                      Click arrow to watch event video










2014 Gallery One Contract Award

ACA 2014.jpg



2012 Floral Artist of the Year

Artist of the Year 2012.jpg


The Design Star event was sponsored by ADC - Art Design Consultants as a venue to showcase the interior design talents of some of Cincinnati's leading designers. Each month a different designer or design team was selected. They were challenged with creating a room within the gallery to be unveiled at the ADC Design Star Unveiling Party. The designers could select and use any art from the hundreds of paintings in the gallery. I'm very honored and grateful that my work was featured in five of these exciting parties.


Although I got a late start,  I must admit I have easily gotten my 10,000 hours in. And through these many quiet hours with my canvases I have come to identify my very favorite part. It is not the provocative scents of turp and oil paint. It is not the shows, the awards or even the sales (as heartily gratifying as they all are!). It is those precious moments of pure Inspiration, when an idea bursts through the din of mind-chatter and takes over, promising a venue of fresh expression and unique creation. It is what keeps me up at night and pops me out of bed in the morning. It is the magical reminder of how alive I am and how grateful I am to be able to express it with the tools of my trade. 





Grace Jones, Owner and Senior Designer at Dwellings in Cincinnati, OH.  Grace also designs exquisite award-winning interiors in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Naples and St. Louis.

"I met Lisa many years ago when I was chairing a Gala for families affected by HIV/AIDS. We were trying to raise money to hire a full time mobile nurse to assist these patients for the STOP AIDS organization. She painted an original for our live auction and it sold for thousands, it was a glorious night! Although she may appear quiet and composed, Lisa Schuster is dramatic person inside. She expresses her life emotions in large, spontaneous and wonderful oil paintings on metal. She focuses on the sensual nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of life through a combination of strong color, textures and symbolism.

With dozens of successful exhibitions under belt, she is now a seasoned, professional true artist and a wonderfully strong woman who has overcome many adversities. She can now paint with the joy and freedom we are witnessing in her new pieces".


Litsa Spanos, Owner of ADC - Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati, OH

"Creativity, energy, diversity and "love" are the words that come to mind when I think of Lisa Schuster and her paintings. From her exuberant abstracts, to her sensual nudes, it's obvious they are all created with intense passion and undeniable talent.  

But the most compelling element that I see (and feel) when I look her paintings is love. The aura of love surrounds each piece she creates. Her love of her family and children, her love for her lifelong friends, her love of living life to its fullest and of course her immense love of what she has dedicated her life to - PAINTING. 

It's a love that is so strong and so fierce that you can't help but fall in love with her and her beautiful work. 

I know I have." 



Peggy Marquette, Director, Greenwich House Gallery, Cincinnati, OH


"I have been representing Lisa for many years. Her diversity and mastery of so many styles speaks of the remarkable level of her passion and talent. She is a fun and joyful person to work with and has proven herself to be a person of immense charm and character."



Larry Mcgruder, Senior Interior Designer, Kurtinitis Interiors, Cincinnati, OH and Naples, FL

"As an interior designer it is rewarding to start with one of Lisa's paintings as the inspiration for the room. Her technique of painting a realistic floral arrangement ranks with the old world masters. I remember studying one of her tulips when I was first introduced to her work and remember thinking how extraordinary it was. She is an award winning artist and a beautiful person inside and out."



Ann Hoffman, Owner Hoffman & Albers Interiors, Blue Ash, OH


"It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to showcase Lisa's exquisite art in our showroom. Our clients have so enjoyed her incredible use of color, detail and artistic masterpiece. If there has been any need to modify or duplicate an existing piece Lisa is always delighted to accommodate our requests."